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I am hoping someone can educate me. I would love to have a solid body single cut carved top 7 string w/ floyd rose bridge electric guitar. Nobody manufactures them. I can find plenty of single-cut 7 strings with tun-o-matic bridges, or plenty of 6 string single-cuts with a FR. Kiesel/Carvin has the SCB7 which is very close - it is a beveled 7 string with a FR (very beautiful guitar), but when I inquired about getting a 7 string version of their carved top FR single cut model (CS624) they said that they have been unable to design one which did not have severe neck dive. Is this a universal problem? Or is there just such little demand for such a thing that no one produces them/has not put time into finding a good way to produce them? There is not even another manufacturer I can find other than Kiesel who has the single cut beveled style.

What am I missing about this? Currently I play an original Washburn HM-WI50V, and it is a beautiful guitar, but it has only 6 strings and 22 frets.
People who want Floyds generally want their guitars to be doublecuts.

The reason nobody makes them is simply a lack of demand.
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I think it is a case of wanting 2 rare things in one guitar. Singlecuts with FRs are rare. 7+ string singlecuts are rare.

That doesn't mean they're not out there. Agile might make one. And I'm sure some of the luthiers I know of would make one...but they'd cost you several thousand.
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Thanks for the replies guys.

DeepBlue - That is sort of what I was afraid of.

Danny - I think you are right as well. What you and DeepBlue are saying sort of go hand-in-hand. Rare combo in part influenced by what players typically prefer.

Danny & dthmtl3 - I have heard of Rondo Music / Agile, as well as a company called Halo, both of whom have options to customize a guitar how I would like it; however, I have heard very mixed reviews about Halo and their prices are insane for factory-direct given the quality of wood and whatnot. With respect to Agile, I really don't know much about them. Any experience with them, or can you point me to an informative thread?
Agile has a good rep with the many UG owners. I kind of view them as the entry-level cousin of Carvin/Kiesel. the NGDs I've seen here have loooked mighty tasty. As I recall, dspellman has a few, and he loves them to death.

Halo? Would not touch, personally.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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Agiles are made at the same Korean factory that makes guitars for PRS, LTD, Schecter, Chapman, and others. Apparently returns are no problem, so you can order one with no worries.
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I bought an Agile Interceptor Pro 625 with the FR and EMG's simply because I didn't have a metal shredder in the stable and wanted to find out the scoop on the Agile's I kept hearing about, Out of the box it was set up damn near perfectly and the fit and finish flawless, Its on par with the Jacksons and Ibanez costing twice as much, My kid actually kind of stole that one though, Which I expected but hey, what ya gonna do, In the case of a single cut away carved top your going to be stuck with the LP copy AL series, In which case I'd take a good look at the AL 3200 neck thru, Hey I figure if your going to do it, Do it right,
You can get a 7-string AL (Les Paul-style) with a Floyd from Rondo Music using their semi-custom ordering setup. It'll take about 3-4 months to arrive. Their bodies are heavier than Carvin/Kiesel 624 series guitars in part because they're thicker. They already make 7 and 8-string Les Paul-style guitar *without* a Floyd as a more or less production item (and I honestly can't speak to the whole "neck heavy" thing on those guitars). I have a 627 (a six-string with a 27" scale) that's not neck heavy, but I don't know that extra neck width would NOT tip the balance.

I've ordered through their semi-custom setup and the resulting guitar was superb, but I have to caution you against simply checking boxes; you may end up with something you thought was a brilliant idea at the time, but which turns out to be a clunker that you can't resell.

At some point, practicality has to take the point with these guitars; the standard LP neck strap attaches at the 16th fret, which is fine with a 24.75" scale neck with just six strings. An SG-style guitar attaches way up around the 19th fret, and those are usually neck-heavy. Strats, on the other hand, have an attachment point up around the 12th fret. The neck strap attachment point also dictates most of where the fretboard will settle out, and that affects playability. SG players usually find their fretboards considerably off to the left, and that can affect your fretting arm's wrist and shoulder. Some strats force your hand further to the right, across your body if you're working with the upper frets. If you find you "just can't bond" with a certain kind of guitar, consider that this may be one of the reasons why.
Regarding quality of Rondo's Agile guitars: I've had pretty good luck with them. I own a half dozen of the AL-style (LP) guitars, from a semi-custom down to a couple of AL-2000 Floyds (24-fret tiled-neck-heel guitars with Floyds). One of the latter was a B stock with finish issues that nonetheless plays beautifully.