I just recently got some new gear that I thought Id record something with. This is a track from my old band! Have a listen and leave a link I can crit your track at!

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Hey, nice track, the instruments sound pretty natural, I would love to hear this with some drums, ambient guitars, samplers, stuff like that. The bass, rythm, and lead guitar combination is cool but if you started adding more things as the song progresses it would make the track more interesting in my opinion.

Good track though!
Thank you for the review, now your tune: song is starting out nicely. Sometimes the timing is not flawless (yes, I realize you probably don't want a constant tempo through the whole song); I personally have a tough time with timing myself if there are no drums. Perhaps you could play to a metronome or drum part that you could mute later if you definitely don't want drums. I was kind of hoping the song would get more intense later on, but otherwise it sounds pretty good. Audio quality is good.
hey man, thanks for the review.
"Chaos" - not what I expected. It's sparse yet not short which are more subjective production choices. Recording-wise it's fine and the mix is spot on.
Musically it's pleasant with some nice licks and passages. It could probably do with some timing correction cos to slow down and speed up is fine as long as all the parts do it together IMO. Apart from that I can't fault the recording.
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Thanks for the review on my thread. Your tone is great and I think it's a great song. In general a think one area for improvement would be in timing. I don't know if it is tempo fluctuations or just a few notes that got displaced but I think you've got a great sound here
The timing is a bit off, like the others mentioned. Like the ambient feel of this song. The guitar soloing is nice, reminds me a bit of David Gilmour. Would have been nice with some drums after a while to bring some dynamics and variations to this song, because now it gets quite repetive. Nice outro part at 6:00.

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