I am trying to decide between the Washburn WCG18CE and WCD18CE, the first is a grand auditorium body style, the second is a dreadnought. The look of the GA appeals to me, it seems like it would feel easy to play because of the smaller, almost electric style body. But if there is a major difference that would not suit my style of playing I don't want to choose the wrong guitar. I like to play some softer stuff on acoustic but I also like to get into the strumming and get that soulful playing going. Are there any major differences between dreadnougt and GA I need to note?
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In theory, dreads have a less complex sound than the waisted designs that might work better in an ensemble non-amplified situation, but it might come down to individual makes and designs. For example, in Taylors I prefer the the waisted designs to the dreads, but in Martin, Maton and other makes I've tried the opposite is true. The best way to judge is to try them side-by-side, and it all comes down to personal preference. My mate has his own importer line of guitars, and he is apparently selling a lot more GA-style guitars than dreads. I don't understand it, but fashions change..

Well, of those two, I prefer the 3rd a jumbo. (That body, in Taylor parlance would be a "GS" or "grand symphony"). Jumbo bodies seem to extend the lower bass fundamental frequencies deeper and project better in that range, while the waist tames the mid bass rise in dreads which, (in my ears opinion), muddies up the sound just a tad.

In any case waisted guitars, either GA or jumbo, seem to stay in place a bit better playing seated, AND drop the guitar's string path down about an inch. Whether or not that's good or bad for you, obviously depends on you physique and playing style and geometry. Some people can't manage the jumbo body, while others enjoy the "orchestra" size bodies because of their clarity in the midrange, which makes them great for finger picking.

Anyway I have all 3 body styles, GA, jumbo, and dreadnought, and it's not that much of a "shock to the system", changing between them. So, we won't make a big deal of anything but the tonal character, which is between you and your ears to figure out which suits you best.
It is purely a personal thing and a tone thing. Dreads have more bass, while concert cut though the middle. Fingerpickers prefer Concerts cause of the smaller body. Flatpickers in the bluegrass realm love Dreads. I love both styles. My advice is go to a guitar shop to play a few different models and find what fits for you.
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Dreds trend to be bassier and better for strumming and flatpicking, while smaller bodies tend to be more articulate and better for fingerstyle. That's a big generalization, though. The real answer, as always, is: play them both and decide which one suits you better.
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