So i built this guitar from one of those 200$ kits and love body but neck is meh. Want better neck but problem is this neck size is weird as hell! 24.75 scale and...
L - 2.7" or 6.8cm
W - 2.1" or 5.3cm
H - 0.6" or 1.5cm

i'm so mad i didn't see this before i built this guitar, does anybody know any neck that will fit this or any solution. Help!!!! lol
Quote by n_goodnough
dspellman neck pocket demensions on body

You're probably going to need more than that, including the distance of the end of the pocket to the bridge, etc.
Very good chance that the only place you're going to find that neck is going to be the kit maker.
There's an assumption that bolt-on necks are interchangeable, but as you're aware, they're not unless you have a very standard neck size or one from the same manufacturer that's guaranteed to fit.

What specific things do you find "mehj?" Can they be changed on the existing neck?
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dspellman meh factor is just some fret leveling issues which I already fixed but was just hopeing maybe to put ebony neck on it, guitar sounds great.