Hi, so recently I tried some few gretsch guitars, I turn out to quite like them due to the tv jones / filtertron pickups as I found that its pretty versatile.

I'm looking for gretsches that can sound pretty well for high gain without losing the classic filtertron sound..

Recently i found out that The Powertron plus was the sound i was looking for but I dont't know which gretsch has that pickup built in.

The gretsch i really want is the patrick stump signature but I think its almost impossible to get one in the internet. So I'm looking for alternatives

Also, My budget is around $1000 so i need to balance the price of my guitar and and amp.

I am lookin for combo amps. Something like the peavy 6505s combo
I don't think there are many (any?) Gretsches that come with Powertron plus pickups stock, and I'd be surprised if any of them were under your budget, even used. Your best bet is probably to get a Pro Jet or a Duo Jet and put a new set of pickups in yourself. It's not hard.

Keep in mind that Gretsch are basically the opposite of guitars built for high gain so I'm assuming you've tried these guitars and pickups with your rig. I love Gretsch guitars but I don't think I've ever played one that I thought would go great with a 6505. So I'd be careful to try as much as possible before assuming the combination will work well. The Powertrons are already a fair departure from the "classic filtertron" sound you mention so I'm not sure how much will be left by the time you get done running the hotter version through a Peavey. It might sound cool but I wouldn't expect it to sound anything like a Filtertron guitar in its natural habitat.

Edit: hold on, your budget for the guitar and amp together is 1000? What do you have now? I don't think it's a good idea to get a Gretsch and a 6505 as your first electric setup.
I can think of a variety of guitars with those kinds of pickups, but I agree with Roc8995: you can do some beefy classic rock with them, but high-gain styles might be too much of an ask. After all, they do tend towards the bright side.

OTOH, if your goal is to create Djentabilly or Blackened Death Country...
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