So I've been trying to learn some Tom Waits songs on the bass. I came across a song from "The Black Rider" album, which is apparently written for some movie I've never seen. The tunes on the album are to my liking but there is a song labled as "Russian Dance" from the album on ultimate guitar that I don't think is correct. To be clear, there are two difference "pro versions" of the song and 2 is infact the right song. It's instantly recognizable as the song on the studio album. However, I don't think version 1 is the same song. It has a very different sound and its missing parts of the song that make it recognizable. I considered the possibility that it is a different version but I couldn't find a different version on the internet(let alone a recording that sounds similar to this).
I think whatever song is labled on ultimate guitar as "Russian Dance pro version 1" is infact a Tom Waits song because it does sound like something he would make. Can anybody identify this song?