I need your help really fast guys.

My friend is leaving country and he has to get rid of his Left Handed Schecter Hellraiser C9 guitar .
And I was thinking of buying it from him because this piece of art is just too beautiful in my opinion. (don't judge me)...thing is I cannot use it, because I play right handed

How hard would it be to convert it into a right handed guitar? Aka, turning it upside down, rotating the pickups and so on..
Do I need a new bridge? A new nut ? Or can I just rotate the nut..and then unscrew the pins from the bridge and switch them somehow.

And i suppose there should be some drilling involved too..since it's a string through body.

His plane will leave in about 8-9 hours so a fast answer would be highly appreciated.

Please do not tell me to buy the right handed version or any trolling of such. The nice thing is that he will give me a really good price for his guitar, and this is why i am considering this.

Thank you so much.