Hey everyone,

Me and my band have a first draft kinda thing with our second song (it was actually the first one we wrote and we finished it for nostalgia purposes for some reason, so the melody isn't as hype, but we have this special attachment to it.)

Anyways, song's here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bwa-HUl2yaDAQUJHbEpMdjFTRjA

And definitely C4C, I showed you mine, you show me yours kinda deal .

Thanks in advance!
Hey man songs a cool idea overall for sure. Liked the dissonance in one of your chorus chords, gave it something original. The guitar tones work for what you're going for in my opinion. Only thing for me is the cymbals I think are way too high in the mix and overpower everything else. If you bring them way down and your vocals up I think it'd help the song a lot. Maybe even worth adding in vocal harmonies to give it a bit more weight! Cool tune, enjoyed it.

Check out my track here:
Nice track! Writing in general is really cool and I have 0 complaints about it, the mix needs some work, I've listened to the song both on my monitors and my headphones, it sounds good on the headphones but the monitors give away some mistakes, the overheads sound too loud, and the vocals too drowned in the mix, also in the verse the kick kind of feels out of time sometimes IMO.

But if you fix these little problems and maybe get the song to sound bigger you have a pretty nice song, good job!
Thank you for the reviews! Now your song. Intro sounds similar to 'House of the Rising Sun' (The Animals, I think) to me. I like most of the melodies, though once in awhile there are a few guitar notes that sound off key to me. Not a tuning issue, though you are probably trying to create some tension. The song instrumentally has a late 60's vibe, which is fine by me. Singing is pretty good. Maybe it's my headphones, though the cymbal (kind of sounds like a tambourine) is usually a bit loud for me. I like it overall.
aaron aardvark You mean the cymbal in the beginning (that's a tambourine with a ride mixed in)? Yea a couple people told me it sounds like House of the Rising Sun, Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana, too. Thanks for the review!
This really has a System Of A Down vibe to me. I really dig it. But yeah like others have said, the cymbals are very intrusive. It would be great to hear a full band recording of this some time. Good tune!
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kornflipsk8er Yea actually very similar to Lonely Day now that I listen to it. Never really actively listened to SOD but I pulled up the Spotify for it just to take a look and that one was on the top. Neat. Thanks for the review!
The track has a certain 90s feel before the other guitar part comes in and brightens it up a bit. The song structure is good and I like the solo.
The main improvement would be the levels of the vocals in the mix. Vocal treatment being one of the trickiest parts of production though, it's understandable.

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