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Long time lurker here with my first post. Used to be a big guitar guy back in my college days, but it generally consisted of electrics played through way too much distortion (we all have a phase like that, I guess). I guess what I'm saying is, I know how to play, but my knowledge of acoustics is limited. Now that, at the encouragement of my wife and kids, I'm getting back into the hobby, I'm looking to add a decent yet not too expensive acoustic-electric to my collection.

Anyone have any experience/info with D'Angelico acoustics? I have my eye on a Premier Bowery from them in a grey/black finish. It looks great, but my problem is I live nearly 90 miles from the closest music store so I cannot play anything prior to purchase. The model in question is $499, so if there's a significantly superior guitar in that price range I'm ignoring, let me know. But I'm interested in hearing anything anyone might know about this brand.

Thanks in advance for your replies and for the past year or so I've spent checking in around here.

You can get a Takamine G Series GD51CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar SKU #H99523 000001000 at www.musiciansfriend.com for $429, which is a far better guitar in my opinion (i.e. solid spruce top, rosewood sides and back, rosewood fret board, mahogany neck, etc. instead of laminated sides and back, sonokeline fret board, mahogany scarf neck, etc.)
Hey, thanks for the reply. I opted to go with another guitar actually. Decided to up my budget significantly, plus take advantage of a couple promos that Musician's Friend had (17% off plus 36 months interest free). Got a Martin GPCPA4 after having traveled to an area with a music store for work last week. I tried about 50 guitars, including a couple Takamines, but I kept finding myself drawn to that particular Martin. I also found that I really preferred the Grand Performance body style to a dreadnought. Thanks for the info, though.
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The Tak you mention has laminated b&s. It would be good if you stopped spreading disinformation. I can see nothing in the Tak specs that make it more desirable than the DÁngelico.

EDIT "Sonokeling" is the same species as "Indian rosewood", D. latifolia, so the "rosewood" spec in the Tak might well be the same inexpensive grade as the D'Angelico.
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