The speaker is the stock seventy 80, which doesn't sound the best but I can still get some very nice tones out of it. But when I place an sm57 in front, the recorded signal sounds horrible. Either it's just a pile of dirty muddy bass or very harsh treble. Is it caused by :
- Shitty speaker? I think it sounds "ok" in the room.
- Bad miking technique? I experimented a lot with no luck.
- Not cranking the amp loud? I don't have the space to crank it louder than 2, which is very loud with this amp.
- Shitty amp settings? I like the sound I get but feel free to post suggestions.

Btw I play some hair metal shreddy stuff, so obviosuly the red channel, boosted with a tubescreamer if needed.
Get down so that you are ear level with the speaker. The tone will be much different sounding compared to standing up in front of it. You should notice that the high ends are much more pronounced and the distortion will be harsher. You have to eq differently for recording, and don't jam the mic right up against the amp. It needs a little breathing room.

You will have to experiment a little to get it right, but that can be half the fun and you will learn a thing or two.
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Are you over driving the input on your interface. Is there a pad?
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Answering the questions:

I am using a shure sm57 into an ESI maya 44 interface.

I often play while sitting on the floor in front of the amp, lol. I know the tone is a bit different than when standing up, but I still think it sounds better than what the mic picks up.

I am not overdriving the interface ( I tested by recording a louder clean tone and it was very clean )

I will try cranking the amp louder when I can. I`ll try different settings and maybe upload the tones I get, depending on if they aren`t shameful :P
Off center, off axis tends to give me a recorded tone close to what I hear directly from the speaker. It is my goto option and if I don't get the goods, then I start moving the mic and fiddling with eq.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
I'd say record with about 70% of the distortion you're using now. Maybe eq some of that harshness out or move the mic a little towards the outside of the cab. Otherwise, I think it is not bad, except the noise, once you let it sit in a track it won't be bad at all. I'd imagine you're running single coils, right? Sounds like it.
The gain was just below 3, and a tubescreamer with volume on noon just to clean the low end up. With gibson 490t pickup, not high output at all, this amp has tons of gain. I like the fact that is sounds a little like singles. I will try tomorrow again, maybe with some off axis techniques
I think you might want to bring some of that low end back though, it was light on the lows.

Do you have other mics? I do a sm57+other dynamic or big bottle condenser to bring in more air, kinda like this mic method but on one speaker
^ I do the above mic trick with SM57 and AT2020, with fantastic results, especially on lead guitar work it really opens up.

Don't know what to tell you beside mic placement and further eq. I think you need to hear the guitar in a track context, so maybe pick up a few session songs on Kompoz.com and see how it meshes within a mix.

For example, this is how Randy's guitars sounded soloed:

with the rest of the band the track is huge but the guitars take only a certain spectrum.
Just my opinion, but I think Randy's tone sucked. Even in the mix. But I get your point, with bass and drums only the mids are really audible, but if there are any solo rhytmic parts, I want them to sound nice. I will keep experimenting, and I will crank this baby up tomorrow (by crank up I mean past 1,5... enough to kill trolls)

Huge thanks to Cajundaddy for suggesting going off axis. This was the key to a great basic tone

Like Diabolical suggested, adding context (drums) makes the guitar sound even better, with double tracking, eq and compression it actually sounds just like I wanted. I think I made something nice. At least I like it!

Anyways, if you think it can still be much better - feel free to post suggestions!
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I can try using split coils on one track. That could sound interesting. My other guitar has emg pickups and they need a very different amp setup to sound good, I don't want to lose my precious settings yet