E|------------|------------|------------|------------------------| (x4)

I'm still new at guitar so my strumming the 3 strings precisely is off, sometimes I miss the A and only hit the D and G, and sometimes I'm completely off and just hit the G. Any suggestion? I've tried placing my finger on the low E string to mute it but it makes it sound off-ish

Thank you
Try muting string 6 with the very tip if left hand finger 1. You can fret strings 3 and 4 with a 3rd finger playing a half barre or use finger 3 on string 4 and finger 4 on string 3. I also find it useful to use the part finger 1 that is hovering over string 1 and 2 to mute strings 1 and 2. That way, if you accidentally hit any unwanted strings there won't be any unnecessary noises. If you want to be more accurate with your picking hand, try anchoring it on the bridge. This will help you to locate your strings more accurately. It is also important to note that the note on string 3 is the same note as on string 5 an octave higher and is therefore not essential unless you are going for that specific sound.
It just comes down to practice - this is something new for you so naturally you're not very good at it yet. Focus on playing slower and getting the movements down - get used to how hitting all three strings cleanly feels.

Also if you leave the tip of your index finger resting against the low E that will help stop it making unwanted noise, likewise leave your pinky or the tail end of your 3rd finger just laying over the top two strings so again they'll make less noise if you accidentally hit them.
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Alrighty, thanks guys. For now I'm going to use the index to mute the low e and play just the two string a and D maybe
And also add an exercise just strumming the first 3 and and the 2nd-5th strings for accuracy practice, maybe the first 2 and 2nd and 3rd as well
It's all about practising your muting. For now try strumming the first 4 strings as said and using the tip of your index finger to mute the E string. There comes a time where it'll be second nature and your muting will be really good and you can strum all 6 strings with no problems. You see a lot of guitarists really get their whole arm in to it when strumming because their muting is up to standard and they don't have to avoid any strings. This of course is a long term goal and something that will come naturally over time