Hey guys,

I'm looking at buying the Joyo pxl live and have a question about amp switching setup. So the joyo has midi capability however, I'm planning to use that for my strymon timeline. Is it possible to use the triggers method by using a mono to stereo cable to be able to program channel changes with the EVH 5150 iii?

Doesn't the EVH have a DIN connector, and not a 1/4" jack, for the channel footswitch?
striker327 to tell you the truth I couldn't easily find in the amp manual how the footswitch is wired. Sorry, I can't help you. All I can say is that I've used the PXL with several other amps (that had stereo channel/reverb foot switches) to control the amps. I used either mono cables, stereo cables, or Y-adapters depending on the amp.
8Len8 Thank you. basically all I'm trying to work out is if I can control 3 channels with the joyo without using midi.
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