Hey guys.

Quick summary first. Started guitar at 16, lesson for 6 months....moved house...stopped....7 years on have only ever picked up to noodle. Always had trouble learning songs by myself an that, usual stuff blah blah disheartened etc.

Basically as the title says, I need a bit of help starting over as I know there are huge gaps in my knowledge. Playing by ear for example, learnt 2/3 solos through slow down sowtware, that's about it.
Now i've ditched the electric guitar because I tried to jump into metal an that which really screwed over my learning. Got an acoustic now and really wanna learn fingerstyle. Obviously gotta learn the usual basic songs an that first but, what and where do I start....again? Do I just find a list of basic songs and force myself to learn them all or what?

Has anyone had a similar experience of starting over? And what did you find helped you to push ahead?
I know this is bare bones, tried to keep it brief. Happy to go over any bits and bobs I know to shed some more light.

Cheers in advance.
Hello & Welcome

Yes. I went through something similar except I played for about 3 years years before the break - wife, house, work, kid, work, another kid, work, moved house, etc etc - and the break became something like 30 years. The difference between us I suspect is that I did play for longer than you before stopping so I learned most of the basics, including finger-picking which I adopted right from the start, and most of the more common chord structures so my return was perhaps easier.

If you are interested in learning fingerstyle - and I would certainly recommend it - I'm sure you will find lots of websites offering tutorials. It's worth spending time learning a few basic picking patterns until you can do them pretty much without thinking. And the best way to do that is to learn songs using the patterns. Any songs will do: obviously there are songs written by player who finger-pick but you can pick any song really - I do - so tackle songs you like. Start off with simple songs until you can do the chord changes within the picking pattern then off you go. Good luck.
Good advice from Garthman. I'd recommend learning a few chords and how to do Travis Picking. Once you get the alternating bass down you've pretty much got it made.

Make sure you have a decent guitar to learn on, nothing dampens enthusiasm like a bad guitar with high action. Couple hundred bucks on Craigslist and you can get something decent. Check out the multiple guitar suggestions in this forum, if you decent to get a nice starter guitar.