Hi all. I've been playing guitar for years bit always learned by ear or by tab, never really got into the theory thing so don't know notes on the frets/scales etc.
Just wondering if anybody could recommend any books or websites that might be worth a look?
Or recommend where would be a good place to start! Cheers in advance
Cheers, I'll give it a look.
Also what do you guys think would be the best order to learn? Am I best getting all the notes on the fretboard first or chord progression, scales.etc?
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ruddigeranimalIntervals, intervals, intervals. Apart from anything else, the octave shapes will reduce your learning of what notes are where. Learn the notes on guitar gradually ... really not that important. To help you there, remember thet E and F are adjacent on the same string, as are B and C. All other natural note names have a one fret gap. Try this on bottom E string. So you get

EF-G-A-BC-D-E (start again)

Ping me in around a month, and I'll point you at something that will really help you (not publicly available just yet)
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You could read my articles on how to practise: https://tunein-toneup.com/apps-technology-and-practice-time/ and http://adamharkus.com/guitar-apps-technology-and-practice/

I liked these books:
Chris Juergenson – The Infinite Guitar (and his second book)
David Oakes – Music Reading for Guitar
Mick Goodrick – The Advancing Guitarist
Justin Sandercoe – (various) Songbooks
Jan Riviera – Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Guitar
Mickey Baker – Complete Course in Jazz Guitar
Philip Toshio Sudo – Zen Guitar

But as I say in my articles - the first thing to do is to begin to really develop your ear and for this I recommend Earmaster https://www.earmaster.com/

this site helped me out a lot
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