Hello there,
Pardon me if I am perhaps placing this in the wrong forum, or breaking any rules. First day out on the Forums here!

Anyways I'm making a really tough choice, and if anyone could shed light on some reasons for each, even if slightly biased, Ill be more than grateful!
This is the most expensive/well kitted Guitar i've ever chosen, the guitars I do posses are all hand-me-downs, and Im having a lot of trouble deciding between these 3 guitars!

My heart was keen on the Sig. Paul at first, then I picked up the strat to see what it would sound like in this price range, and I was blown away by the feeling of the neck profile and the warmth of the pickups, coupled with the noiseless tech too.

After picking it up. I was back to square one.

Here are the 3 Guitars im choosing between

Strat (Elite, White, Maple, Shawbucker) S-S-H

Signature (Black, Only colour they had in the shop)


Now there are certain things that are swaying my opinion:
- Quality control Post 2016 for Gibson supposedly has improved a lot, and a lot of people were slating the QC in 2014, so perhaps a resale problem
- I've only played Strats and Super strats a lot, so perhaps thats why I'm leaning towards the strat.
- The Strat is top of the line, But the Signature Les paul isnt even thought the strat is only 1000 RM more expensive (200 GBP, 330 USD)

Just FYI the music I play now ranges from the Eagles to ACDC, Dinosaur Jr, Zep, Floyd, The Smiths, Sabbath, Young, Met etc...

Thanks so much, ANY HELP WILL BE EXTREMELY appreciated

Best Regards!!

Rhys Gittoes
really it's about what you need tonally. either option is good. the strat will have some more tone options but can't take the place of a LP for certain things. the other thing is feel. if you are used to strat style guitars then you may not be as comfortable with a LP. your amp will have more to do with how well you do getting the sounds of the bands you mentioned. no guitar can do it all so keep that in mind. decide what is most important to you and go from there