I just got a vypyr vip 3 settings
But im look for some different settings
If anyone has one
Please go ahead drop those settings
Im kind of looking for a marshall sound
Also is the tube screamer suppose to go with orange channel? I tried playing some arpeggios and all but it makes some of the notes muted
I know its from the tube screamer because when i bypass it. It sounds normal
I have a Vypyr 30 and usually don't use the TS on the Red channel with high-gain amps (6505 is usually what I use). Right now, I'm trying the following:

6505 green channel w TS
Pre-gain: 10 o'clock
Low: 10-11 o'clock
Mid: 12-1 o'clock
Treble: 5 o'clock
Post-gain: 2-3 o'clock

For a Marshall sound, might start with the Brit amp mode and tweak from there.
Also, might help if we know which artists tone you fancy.
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