These photos show my struggle with holding the guitar.

People say to rest your hand on the bridge during scales and such...I can't without straining and muting...

This is where I would rest my hand if I had to...

First of all, the only way for my guitar to stay balanced and more or less secure is if my right arm is over the guitar as shown. I can't wear a long sleeve because the guitar would slip and I'd have to strain to hold the guitar. Is this normal?

Secondly, I struggle with picking, especially when it comes to scales. Here's a video showcasing my frustrations:

I need help. What problems can you guys and gals identify and how can I fix them?

Thanks a bunch!
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First; try getting the guitar positioned more to your left. If sitting, put it on your left leg. If standing, put the bridge pickup over your navel so your picking arm is coming forward across your body. Just doing this may make a big difference.

Then try noticing if the more left position is helping to un-cock your wrist and allowing a more natural feel of playing the strings.
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wow thanks for actually posting videos instead of rambling in seas of texts like a lot of people do on this forum. Sarcasm seems implied but it is not, trust me.

2nd picture you posted is better.
The arm is higher and therefore allows your hand to be at unstrainful picking position. Don't be afraid to let your pick point toward the guitar neck, there isn't a rule saying you have to keep your pick directly horizontal with the guitar. If you do that you'll put yourself in an awkward position always trying to realign your pick. But good otherwise, don't think too much into it you'll get it eventually and realize there is no 'set' way to pick, however there are many ways to wrongfully pick.
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On first inspection, your hand looks very tense. Instead of making a fist, try to relax your right hand fingers. Start with string 6, anchor your hand on your bridge and extend your pinky resting it on string 1. You should have a better picking angle then. Try picking just downstrokes at first. Move on to string 5 and so on. Obviously when you get to string 1 you will have to take your pinky off. Make sure your picking hand is relaxed. Also, try not to hold the guitar with your left hand at first. Some people pull the guitar backwards do it is at an unnatural position. Let the neck point out wards in front of you at abut of angle. Use the body contours of your Strat to help the guitar sit at the correct angle.
Majicmanmaj Can you perhaps show a picture of anchoring the hand on the bridge? Would I have to rest the guitar on my left leg?

Thanks for the replies btw. Keep 'em coming
Maybe try opening up your hand, kind of straighten your fingers. I think it will allow for a better attack angle, as well as stability and palm muting.