So I'm the proud owner of a Krank Revolution amp and Krankenstien cab paired with it. They sound beyond amazing together! I've been using a THD hot plate to knock down the volume, however I'm not a fan of the -16db setting where the actual volume begins to be tolerable of the neighbors. So my thought was to do something with speaker set up in the cab.
Option #1: Utilize the 1/4" jacks to be two different input styles. One being the factory 4 speaker setup. The second powering only two speakers ( ideally opposite corners of the cab).
Option #2: Install a switch that would allow me to essentially turn off the unwanted speaker/speakers with out unplugging or changing hook ups.

I'd like to try to figure this out and keep the 16 ohm setting of the original cab since the Hot Plate only has one ohm option. That way I'd only be flipping one switch, or changing one input, not all of my settings. I realize that the speaker sound will change with the different setups, which I'm fine with. I just want to preserve as much of the tone and punch the speakers put out while cutting the volume.

Any ideas of suggestions?
Just to clear a couple of misconceptions:
You're not going to lose much volume by dropping to two speakers from four.
Diagonal speaker placement in a 4x12 does nothing for you.

If you've got 8 ohm speakers in your cabinet, and you drop to two speakers, you have a choice of using either the 4 ohm or the 16 ohm tap (depending on whether you've wired them in parallel or series). BUT the chances are you've got 16 ohm speakers in that cabinet (if it's a 16 ohm cabinet) and if you drop to two speakers your choices are 8 ohms or 32 ohms. Neither of those will work with the Hot Plate.
+1. You need something like this - https://avatarspeakers.com/shop/parts/guitar-input/ but with a switch.

You are probably going to have an ohms issue.
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