Well, I need to get me a guitar after about 15 years without one. My last two were a Kramer Striker with floyd rose and a washburn accoustic. Neither were top dollar, but they were not toys either. I'd like to get me a something that looks Les Paul, but do not have that kind of money. Thought about an Epiphone LP, but some of those are pricey too. The chinese LP look nice, but I do not have any close to put my hands on, so I am not sure of the quality. Epiphone makes the Lp Special II, but again, I dont have one to handle to see if they are quality, and the look is not really the same. So, thought I'd ask you guys your opinions to help me get back into it on the rite note. Thanks!
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It would be hard to suggest something without being given a budget, so I'll just give my last experience. I had a budget between $200 and $350, and what I found to be absolutely amazing for the money was a Squier Classic Vibe (I chose 60s, but that's just me). They may be Squier, but when you hear it you will be astounded that it's not a Fender. Just my opinion, others may disagree.

It also depends on what genres you play. If you mostly play hard rock or metal, you will probably get more of a Les Paul or SG, whereas blues would likely be a Strat (though it's not at all that simple, you can get really great sounds out of either of the guitars I have said for any genre with some work).
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