Now I have Zoom G5&Roland 10GX.
When I play G5 via headphone,sound looking good I pleased with it. But I can't use headphone more 15min. becaz it's not comfortable

So I plug G5 to Roland Ch.clean[set output as combo front already ,turnoff cabsim].Sound look quite ok but I feel some freq are loss not like I can hear from headphone.

I think Roland has 8" speaker maybe it can't response some freq.
I have budget about 300$ or more 50$ Then I research some info and find this may help my issue.

Hotone nano diamond +Cab Ampeg GVT112E V30 is in my budget range.

Hotone - have fx loop so I can use preamp/ampsim from G5
Cab Ampeg - this cab is cheapest in my country that load with v30.

1.My question is this set is worth for upgrading from current gear?

2.And I found some setup Orange micro dark terror+Cab PPC112 =450$ If I can find used it about 350$ too .
But in my country someone who have this set still keep it.They don't want to sell in market sale.They always said it's useful for spare amp.
That reason make this set is rare in market sale
This set may better than hotone+Ampeg? Is a lot ,much more,quite, close enough or not differ significantly?
If a lot or much more I'll find more budget to grab them or still searching used.

Someone told me should look in active monitor .He said it's versatile U can use for mixup, listen music,play guitar with multiFX.
But it too over price range [485-500$]

My future long term plan is upgrade all amp to Laney IRT-Studio+Cab 2*12 [~850-900$]

Any advice can come. Thx for reading my weird lang

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Quote by Will Lane
Why not just get some more comfortable, professional-quality headphones?
+1 - no point spending money on a whole new rig if comfort is the only issue.

Also worth noting that your Roland is already a modelling amp, so using external effects is never going to work well. When using your amp, trust it's effects to get you where you want to be.
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I can't use headphone more 15 min. It's make me sweating and ear fatigue very quick[vol not loud but it still be]

I can practice 4-5 hr./day by Roland but with headphone not more 1-2 hr.

That all reason make distracting if I use headphone in practice
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