I'm saving up my money to buy a strat, and I would like to know a bit about what pickups people use for what. If they move the tone down, for some purposes, then I would like to know what it's set on. How often do you switch?

On a very related topic, what are people's opinions on fat/HSS strats, and how it changes the pickup selection (like is bridge/middle any use? Probably depends on the output on the pickup.)

If you use a Les Paul, I'm still fine with the volume/tone combinations that people use (I know that it's a bit off topic, but I'm still curious).

I'm just kind of curious about what pickups, volumes and tones that people use on what pickups for what.
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depends on your needs. I use my controls on my strat a fair bit as needed. wiring your bridge pickup into a tone control can be helpful on reducing the treble which on the bridge can be to much at times. sometimes you just need a slight tonal change for a song. there aren't any magic settings to give as there is far more involved.

now as for the pickups themselves I use all 5 postions on the selector switch at times. I mainly use the bridge or the neck pickup but sometimes will use the between settings. the middle pup for me at least is usually used for clean playing that requires a kind of acoustic sound (or to play robin trower stuff)

HSS works fine for most things. can't say I like the bridge middle on those very much but others may find it useful.

settings are all about what works for you and what works for the song you are playing. spend some time experimenting