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Go with PRS SE Mark Tremonti Custom 2017.
3 100%
Go with PRS SE Standard 24 and use extra money on a nice acoustic.
0 0%
I, too, seek for answers, and just want to see them - results.
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Voters: 3.
I'm an average player, 've been playing an awful quality acoustic for about 3 years. recently got into writing my own music, and thought that instead of using plugins, i want to have my own electric guitar. i've done a lot of research online, and narrowed all options down to these two guitars. as i understand, standards are made in Indonesia, and in terms of hardware are all same to their custom analogs, just compromise the wood, and customs are considered to be of better build quality since they're from Korea. i can't really go and try them both, and since i'm ordering it online from europe to russia ('cause in russia all prices are generally multiplied by X2 modifier), i can expect that the product i'll be delieverd can have some things that'd yet need fixing\proper adjustment.
i chose these two out of all others because: Standard 24 is cheaper than other 22 and 245 standards (for some reason), and has an adjustable tremolo bridge, which'd prefer to a wraparound one, 'cause i dont really expect that a wraparound is presice and, in my opinion, i would totally need to replace it for an adjustable one. as for Mark Tremonti Custom, as i understand, it's a Custom 245 analog but with different bridge and pickups: Mark has adjustable tremolo bridge, and 245 has wraparound. I know that there is also Custom 24 that also has the bridge i prefer, but even though it's just a little more expensive, juuust a little, i already can't afford that. So my question is: is korean Mark Tremonti Custom THAT much better than indonesian Standard 24, that i should only go with it since i have the budget; or is it fine to go with standard since it will be my first electric? cause if it's not that much a disaster, i would have some extra money left for a nice acoustic, like Fender CD-140SCE. but then again, if standard 24 is a disaster compared to Tremonti Custom, then i would go with Custom.
Help me, please.
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kolokol220 Hi and welcome to Forum. At first, what genres do you prefer? Are you really sure, that these ones are good for your purposes?
And by the way, did you already tried any of other electric guitars? For example, you can go to music center and try some guitars just for understanding, what sound you want to get from a guitar, distinguish which ones you liked the most and ask here for close analog.
Udjine Hi! Yes, i've already been to a store, but i didn't try out like every single guitar there, i listened to mexican standart strat, tele, les paul, sg, and a semi acoustic, picking all from equal price category, and all i really felt was that i didn't like how sg sounded, and other from that both strat, tele and les paul were good, but i wasn't really able to notice much difference, i just was okay with all three. and the semi-acoustic i tried was very nice, i liked how that "acousticness" gave more warmth and supported the sound. but i thought that semi-acoustic isn't really what i'm looking for right now, i hoped to find something versatile, as i tend to play absolutely different types of music, and for recording, i thought i want to be able to jump from angry and biting to warm and calm, from river-flowing to hard-rocking. I like bands like Dream Theater, Circus Maximus, Opeth. I also very enjoy Ayreon, and love Abydos's one and only album. So, in short, i like progressive stuff, but i can hardly call that a genre, more like a category of music to my mind, since while you can find rather heavy stuff in Circus Maximus, and VERY heavy in Opeth's albums, alongside them, Opeth has some very quiet and melodical albums which are fantastic. I also sometimes listen to anime and videogame music, which, too, varies in genres. there is jazz, folk, j-rock, and on. So, since my musical taste isn't really narrowed down to one or a few genres, and while in terms of bands i very like only a few, i don't really wish to imitate someone or just play one particular kind of music, i always want to end up with something unique, so that when i let my friends listen to it they won't be able to instantly tell what genre does it feel like or to what bands it sound similar, which is probably hard, and inachievable to 100%. i don't want to become one of those metallists who post their suff on soundcloud, and first thing that you hear is a riff, which sounds absolutely the same to a huge list of other songs. so thus i wanted a rather versatile instrument, that could give me very good gain if i wanted to, but also nice tones when playing quietly and melodically, while i've not really found myself yet, not really formed my own style and so on.

And after tons of online research, i found that those PRS's are probably best value in their price range, better that going with epiphone or smth.
And so my question is rather about: "Is the quality control in Indonesian PRS factories good enough that you can live with it, or is it noticably not as good as Korean?"
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The Tremonti looks so sick. I'd go with that. I'd rather have 1 expensive guitar over 2 beaters. You can always focus your finances more in the future and buy an expensive acoustic when the money is right. If you buy cheap, you will have to buy & sell, which is a waste of time and money.
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If you really need a term then the standard or the tremonti are great.

The real star of that line up right now is the holcomb though.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
go with a used PRS CE. they piss all over the SE stuff.
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I currently use a 2011 se 245 quilt top and am considering getting the tremonti 2017 model later in the year and have been comparing the specs of both of them.
The tremonti has a deeper body ( 9mm ), a 25 inch scale length as opposed to 24 1/2 on the se 245, the tremonti neck is maple instead of mahogany on the se 245 ( the tremonti is a little heavier but some of the extra weight is offset via its tremolo routing ) plus the 2017 tremonti has  kerean made  versions of the tremonti pickups which are individually voiced for bridge and neck.
I have only had a brief session with the tremonti but noticed that the longer scale length and maple neck give it a little more twang and bite due to the extra string tension and material used plus its shape is a touch less chunky in the hand.
String bends are not really hampered by the extra string  tension and the tremelo only pulls forward a little bit while performing a two note bend ( I am confident that with an extra spring fitted it will move even less, if at all ).
At the end of my brief try out of the tremonti I concluded that it would be well worth investing in as the only thing I would be likely to change is the tuners but, as I most likely not use the tremolo probably would not bother ( a tremel-no or super vee mag lok is an interesting option ).
As for the stigma of using a signature model.....who cares? I can always turn the truss rod cover around, maybe even get a transfer of my own signature to go on there.
One thing I may do is hang on until the 2018 models are announced to see if there are any more colour options or quilt tops coming out.
As for my current se 245, I will hang on to it as it compares really well with any of the 5 les pauls I have previously owned. In fact, I may use it as a test bed for pickups.
I have also tried the zach myers but thats another ( rather nice ) story.
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