If you had to choose just one guitar brand you can play for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I was just jamming in my room a bit, and taking a look at my guitar rack I see my PRS custom 24 and my semi hollow PRS and it's like I'm just as much in love with them as when I first played them. I have smaller hands so the small neck is perfect. I love the designs, so simple yet beautiful. The bird inlays look gorgeous as well. Since the moment I purchased my first PRS SE I couldn't stop bragging to my friends about how great of a guitar it was, and that was just the SE.

It just popped into my mind, that if I was stuck with nothing but PRS guitars I'd be pretty damn happy. They suit me perfectly, are very versatile although as they don't run for super cheap (especially for a college student) I am scared of modding them at times. Regardless I love this brand

If you guys were told that you can only play one brand for life, what would it be and why? Ibanez? Fender? Epiphone (cause we all know gibson's don't stay in tune ) just thought this would be a fun question to ask and am very curious to learn about other people's experiences.
dspellman I agree with you, I took a look at your profile and I saw plenty of dumb questions although I don't see what that has to do with what I asked, but I appreciate you expanding my knowledge regardless.
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No, seriously. This is a stupid question. And it has everything to do with what you've asked. It reeks of fanboyism.

There is absolutely no reason anyone has to stick with 1 particular brand "4 lyf", so there's no reason anybody has to choose. Your hypothetical question doesn't have any basis in reality unless you're a fanboy who lacks experience with other guitars.

Not to mention that people's tastes in guitars often change. So deciding that only 1 brand will do for the rest of your life lacks any kind of foresight as to what you may end up liking in the future.

Unfortunately many instruments that are continuing to sell so well are lackluster in quality for their price, and fanboy mentalities like your own are a key part of what is enabling it. Hence why such perceptions are pretty frowned upon in these forums.
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To answer your question, it would be none other than my Martin acoustic. It's not my most expensive guitar but it holds the most sentimental value to me. Heck, it doesn't even sound the best. My Les Paul or Strat are a lot more fun to play & sound better but the Martin started it all. Finances were really tight at the time, I literally ate like a Franciscan monk for 4 months to save up and get that guitar, big 30lbs bag of rice for $8 & 20 cans of beans for $15, all to last me 4 months, although occasionally I'd have to pick up more beans, but damn that rice lasted forever. It marked a commitment on my part. No more playing $300 guitars anymore, at that moment I knew music was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Obviously I don't want to be some big rich rockstar anymore & my ambitions have dwindled but I still play for an hour a day 3-4 times a week.
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Wow you have 2 prs. So amazing. Tell me more.
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Not to mention that people's tastes in guitars often change. So deciding that only 1 brand will do for the rest of your life lacks any kind of foresight as to what you may end up liking in the future.

This x1000.
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Wow you have 2 prs. So amazing. Tell me more.

I lol'd.
I often sit and stare at my guitars thinking about how beautiful they are... You're not the only one OP.
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T00DEEPBLUE Like you've stated it is indeed hypothetical. I'm not exactly fanboying and clearly there's no reason to stick with one brand, but it was a simple question LOL.
Obviously things changes and companies grow and have different things to ask her and it was a just an "in the moment" type of question.
Don't understand the backlash really, just a fellow guitar player asking a simple question, if you don't want to answer you don't have to. Any way thanks for your input, I just don't think every question has to be dead serious and figured it would be a way to interact with the community here a bit more. Thanks!
NewDayHappy Thanks for the answer. Martin's are pretty great, I've never owned one myself but having the chance to play on a friend's really made me feel a huge difference between mine, it was great. The only acoustic I own as I don't play acoustic much is a epi hummingbird, pretty nice acoustic imo
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dspellman I agree with you, I took a look at your profile and I saw plenty of dumb questions

Wait, what? I have a profile? Cool.
Srkchris I am in support of the question, sure its silly and the forum hounds are on alert but I get it. Often I type up a post but then delete it thinking it really doesn't do much but talk about things I love. I think that's the point here, people want questions or discussions. But who cares, its a free forum for us al!!

If I had to choose just one, it would be Shur! Never owned one but I bet they would make me happy, the few I've played were amazing.
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DirtFarmer doesn't really bother me, I don't see the point about being all uptight about it. If there's one thing we can all agree on is that we all love guitar (I hope). If you love something, talk about it. I dislike when people attempt to shut you down for something like that. Granted I could have reworded this differently but who cares.

Suhrs are definitely amazing. Love how clean they can sound. Thanks for the support!
I don't get the back-lash. The OP's post is just a poorly executed variation on the 'Desert Island' question. If you were stuck with only having one 'brand' is along the lines of if you could only have one guitar on a desert island or whatever.

I'll play along. Fender.
If I could only have one guitar, it would be my Fender Stratocaster HSS MIM. Nothing fancy or super expensive, but, we get along real well together.
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gregs1020 Never really played on one. Another reason I asked this is to find out other companies that don't get as much recognition. Thanks for the answer!
ThunderPunk I don't either, and yes I executed it very poorly haha but the point was made. It seems like the backlash is gesred towards how I like PRS? Don't see what's wrong with backing a company that you are content with.

Anyway, thanks. I'm lucky enough to own a fender strat that I bought used and it is an amazing guitar.
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DirtFarmer Sarcasm aside, yes. I enjoy my instruments and my collection.

Here's the thing. You're a college student. You have two guitars. You've been playing a couple of years, maybe more than a couple.
Most college students change their major two or three times before they graduate (assuming that they DO graduate, which isn't a given). Most college students do not find a job (these days) in the field of their major course of study and will change jobs and fields several times before they retire. Insurance companies speculate that some female, born this year, will hit 200 years old. You will probably be married at least twice. You'll change brands of cars several times.
There's pretty much nothing on the planet that you'll want to do for the rest of your life (except breathe). Comes to that, I started out college playing keyboards.

PRS didn't exist prior to 1985. If you asked *yourself* born in 1960 what brand of guitar you'd have been content to live with for the rest of your life, you'd have missed out on PRS altogether. I've got over 50 guitars. I've got multiples of several brands, some of which you've never heard of. Spend a day at NAMM, Norm's Rare Guitars or at a couple of the larger guitar shows in SoCal, and you'd realize why that was a dumb question.