Hello everyone,

I have been playing acoustic guitar now for almost 2 years and have started playing melodies from July last year.

I have observed that whenever I do much practice, say for 2 hrs straight, I develop pain in my right shoulder and in the shoulder blades. I feel pain in my deltoids, trapezious, teres minor and major and in my forearm all in the right side, just to be specific .

What should I do? I don't feel that it is that severe that I should be seeing the doctor. Can someone suggest good posture for practicing, so that I can get rid of this pain.

Thanks in advance!
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Let me guess: you're playing sitting down with the guitar over your right leg, right? Try switching to classical position. Find something about 6-12 inches high - whatever is most comfortable - that you can rest your left foot on. Then rest your guitar on your left leg.
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