Do you guys remember that young mofo that combined metalzone+marshallmg to equal the most

.."sexy" tone ever in 2007."

But then really it sounded like a flatulent and soul-broken stompbox that was expected to fulfill its in-its-prime metal duties, when really some 13 year old would praise it's apparent 2007 almighty tone and glory to it's supposed capabilities, to carry some of the heaviest tones out.. especially paired with the great Mg30DFX.

I should have saved/downloaded my own video back then.,

_Edit: i believe it was 2005-2007.
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You should've heard the fat tone I got with my Line 6 Spider III and Fender Squier Stratocaster dude so much tone

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Pretty sure every metal guitarist has gone off the deep end for that high end / low end mix with zero mids. After listening to Pantera, who didn't ?
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