Hello everyone,

I have been playing acoustic guitar now for almost 2 years and have started playing melodies from July last year.

I have observed that whenever I do much practice, say for 2 hrs straight, I develop pain in my right shoulder and in the shoulder blades. I feel pain in my deltoids, trapezious, teres minor and major and in my forearm all in the right side, just to be specific .

What should I do? I don't feel that it is that severe that I should be seeing the doctor. Can someone suggest good posture for practicing, so that I can get rid of this pain.

Thanks in advance!
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Is this standing or seated? If seated, try the classical position with the waist of the guitar resting in the elevated right knee. This is very efficient ergonomically.

This is seating. Do you suggest foot rest and using the guitar strap?
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You shouldn't need a strap, but a rest for you left foot might help. Here's an example:

I cross my left leg over my right and hold the guitar with the waist sitting on top of the left thigh. It produces a playing position mid way between the classical posture and the usual acoustic guitar way of sitting the guitar on the right thigh. Works for me.
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That makes sense, but it would take me a while to get used to crossing my legs that way. Paco De Lucia and some other flamenco players go right over left (my natural direction), they like a high position for the lower bout. Whatever works as you say. I've got used to resting on my right knee, but ergonomically it isn't very good compared to the classical position.