Hey there, I have a problem with my guitar strap as well as my brain.

I don't actually know how to tighten a guitar strap, I think mine might be broken but I'm not even sure. Can anyone direct me to a simpletons tutorial? I tried looking youtube myself and most of the videos I came across were shit.
It depends on what kind of strap you have. Different straps work in different ways. Can you tell us more about it?
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cut it with scissors, then staple it back together.
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I've tried hard to foster an no ? is to dumb or wrong to ask policy on this forum section but this makes me wonder on the wisdom of that policy.

sorry gonna close this as 2 posts in it's already turned into a joke. OP if you wanna try again with more info and a pic at the very least then maybe you'll get a useful answer but not this time