I'm in the process of contemplating details for a future purchase/build. One of those details that I'm contemplating is regarding pickups. I have instruments with P90's, Humbuckers, Single Coils, Filtertrons, and what not. But, I've never had any lipstick pickups in my arsenal. I've played a few Dano's in the past, and found them interesting enough. But, I can't say that I've really had the fullest of opportunities to experience lipstick pickups. At the moment I'm planning to stick with a humbucker in the bridge position on the build, but, I'm tempted to go with a lipstick pickups in the neck and middle positions just for experimentation purposes. That and they do look pretty cool in my opinion.

So... what say you? Fan or not? Share some pics if you have any lipstick loaded gear. Share your opinions on the subject.

If this is beating a dead horse from some past thread, my apologies in advance.
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I have a Dano 12-string and I love the lipsticks in that for what it is--all jangly, poor-man's-Rickenbacker kind of sound. But I would not recommend them for what you're talking about, they're super low output and can pretty easily come across as thin, and even with a low-output bridge humbucker I don't think they'd balance well. A set of lipsticks works fine I think, but since they're so low-output it'd be a real pain to avoid volume jumps when switching with something else.

If you're thinking an HSS build I'd go with Strat-style single coils, or possibly--and take this with a grain of salt, as I haven't tried it myself and am just throwing out something I think might be interesting--Burns Tri-Sonics in the neck and middle. (Burns and The Creamery do Tri-Sonics designed to fit a Strat-size route, too, since a standard Tri-Sonic is slightly larger.)

ETA: A neck P90 with a bridge humbucker is a good combination too, I don't have a guitar like that but I've played several and really enjoyed them.
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I have a Godin Belmont and love it. Seymour Duncan '59 and Lipsticks HSS. Here's a guy selling one:

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I'm pretty keen on the sound, all that jingle-jangle-jingle, and came pretty close to sticking one in my Telecaster. Ultimately I wanted to preserve the traditional Tele vibe more but any future electric I get may receive such treatment...
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I bought a Johnson strat clone as a place to put a set of GFS lipsticks a few years ago. Kind of a poor man's Squier Surf strat. The whole thing cost about $110 total, so it wasn't a big investment. It's not a guitar that I play all the time, but it's a nice change of pace. The only other guitar I have that sounds pretty similar is a Brownsville Choirboy, which is also a cool instrument in its own right.