Hi guys! I am looking for jazz guitar reviews. Store manager in Richard Guitars was recommending me this model - Eastman AR503CE. If anyone have any thought on this guitar or maybe someone who has used it, please let me know how it is. My next guitar might be little later, so i want to grab a nice one right now. I have played Lakewood and Seagull's but never tried Eastman, will be waiting for your thoughts. Thank You!
I've got one and it's absolutely stunning.
Warm woody tone. Beautifully crafted and finished. Ebony fingerboard. I have it strung with 13-50 flatwounds. Sounds gorgeous through my stock Blues Jnr.
Slightly wider flatter fingerboard than your standard Gibson jazzer - but that's considered helpful for some styles.
Do yourself a favour and try one. I think you'll be impressed. Really great value too.
I have no personal experience, but they seem to have a very good reputation, and they get mentioned fairly frequently in jazz fora. This might be a good place to ask:


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Here ya go, following an enquiry I made on Usenet:

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Hi guys (and gals?), just passing through.

The was a question on one of the www fora about Eastman guitars,  specifically the AR503CE. I know that they have a good reputation, but  I've never seen one personally. I wondered what any of you folks think  of them.

I like that model and have one.  I think it offers excellent value.
It certainly puts out enough volume for home practice with a pleasant  tone.  I swapped out the pickup for a Benedetto A6 and find that pickup  gives more clarity of sound than the OEM pickup.
I found the neck to be more comfortable than the ones I have seen in the  full depth Eastman archtop guitars.
I don't think you will find another 16" archtop, in that price range  with a carved top, that body depth, 25" scale length, and 1 3/4 nut.  If  you do let me know.  


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