So i just ordered over $500 in pedals today and am very excited. I want to take good care of them and I've never used pedals before. What can i do to give them a long lifespan?

My room gets very hot. Will that damage them at all?

Do you need to turn the pedals off before turning the amp off?

I've heard that static from carpet can be bad. Should i not use them on carpet (i don't have a board yet)

Anything else you can suggest they would be important? Thanks a bunch.
No (not a real thing)
Try not to spill beer in them. Don't rip cables out of the jacks. Use the right power supply.

Seriously, there's not much worth worrying about. They're designed specifically to be stepped on. Get a decent power supply and take five minutes to google the correct way to power your pedals (current draw, polarity, voltage). Or if you're using batteries, just unplug the input jack on each one when you're done using it.
Roc has it covered. for bedroom use you have to try hard to mess up good quality pedals. not spilling stuff on them or doing anything to abusive is all you have to do. eventually a pedal will get a scuff or a ding but that is to be expected. i've been using the same chorus pedal since 1985 and it's still in great shape (with only a trace or two of beer). it's good to want to take care of your gear for sure but don't sweat it to much either.
So you're telling me hurling them across the room is not good then?

Srysly tho, thanks for the replies. Man i can't wait
I've had pedals on the floor for 10 years. Cat hair dust you name it. Wipe them off every once in awhile never have issues other then cables fail every once in a while.
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What did you buy?
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Quote by FlawlessSubZero
What can i do to give them a long lifespan?

Anything else you can suggest they would be important? Thanks a bunch.

STOP STEPPING ON THE POOR THINGS, for heaven's sake! Wrap them carefully in oil cloth, put them in a ziploc and a bin and they'll last forever.
Seriously, the switches and the connectors and the battery wires are what will die. The circuit boards are generally pretty sturdy.
I have pedals that I have owned for 30+ years that I have just thrown into a case at the end of a gig and they still keep working. I don't intentionally abuse them but as mentioned they have had things spilled on them and been stepped on by other fellow musicians who don't watch where they are walking. DSellman is right about battery wires. I can't tell you how many of those I have had to replace over the years. These things for most part are really sturdy. Like said above, the only thing that will be of concern is your power supply. Make sure everything is being powered with the proper voltage and clean power. Most pedals are 9 volt but don't assume that. Check them. Other than that you just have to learn the suggested order to hook them up so you achieve the sound you want without one pedal messing up the sound of another pedal.
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