What is the best way to start teaching guitar? Ive been playing for 10 years with experience from instructors, a one year guitar performance program, and playing at churches. This is my thought, if I take lessons at a music school that is looking for instructors and tell my teacher that my desire is to be a teacher then he could train me.( since I have no guitar teaching experience). could this work?
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Audition for the Peabody Conservatory with the John's Hopkins University.

Manuel Barrueco and Julian Gray are the eminent leaders with an amazing masterclass program.

Just audition, don't spend any money and just apply for grants. I've played a concert where Julian did a masterclass with my ensemble. He's one of many brilliant artists and a patron of artists.

Perfect your Bach Chaconne from the BWV 1004.

Could we see a video of your playing? I just want to see, pleeeeeaaase

Other than that, focus on teaching beginners and ensemble leading/conducting. Teaching generally varies in levels of student proficiency and you sort of have to establish a clientele base+marketing strategy whether it be word of mouth or using a media platform (youtube)

Generating success is proportional to the initial investment of time and other resources. e.g

An HD recording(s) of the content (sick ass Barrios, Giuliani, Bach,
Proper chops
Understanding how to demonstrate concepts like "here is a fucking guitar, no don't hold it that way, no arch your fingers so you don't mute the strings, no dont pull outwards to twang the string, no its more of a plucking motion where you brush in a manner where you conserve motion and efficiently use your energy input to make the strings vibrate in a complimentary manner, did you look over any of the materials that i've been giving you these last few weeks?"

Do you invest in your own space? Or do you function as a consultant and or teacher with a financial institution that will provide the resources necessary to teach?


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ask MeGaDeth2314 - he won a grammy

Yes, it's true. The key to being a successful guitar teacher is to be in a Grammy award winning thrash metal band.
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What is the best way to start teaching guitar?

Depends what sort of guitar teacher you want to be. If you want to be on the internet copy what Justin or Marty do - no qualifications needed!

If you want to teach it in schools then you need a professional qualification - a degree and a teaching certificate (where I live anyway) - and really end up being a music teacher.

If you want to tutor local people then a qualification is still a good idea - be your income will not be enough to live on I suspect.
Okay, I'll try to post a real answer now.

The best way to get started would be to find someone you are already close to (family, friend, etc) and try to teach them something. This can be for free, or you can charge as you see appropriate. I started by teaching my niece for free. This is just to get a feeling for the actual teaching process, and also to get you a reference you can use for future students.

From there, try to spread the word about your lessons and have your student(s) or parents of students pass the word along to anyone who may be interested. Post an ad on Facebook or other social media saying you are starting to teach guitar and are looking for students. Craigslist can be helpful with this too. I tried posting flyers around town when I first started, but nothing ever came of it. Word of mouth and social media are the best recruiting tools.

When you actually do get students, you need to have plans for at least the first few months of lessons. The first lessons are the most important, imo. Teach them things that will build strength in their fingers, and simple songs they can play on just a few strings in the first position of the guitar. Then try some easy chords. From there, you will need to tailor the lessons to the students specific wants/needs. Find songs or riffs in the style they want to learn and teach it to them. Beginner students are going to struggle with chords and chord changes, so don't immediately give them a bunch of songs that change chords every 2 beats. They will probably get frustrated and give up on it.

I also highly recommend getting them a beginner method book and having them learn to read music. That is an easy way to make sure they have something to practice every week (assign them 'homework' from the book) and work on all the basic techniques. If you do not read music, you do not have to do this, but I would consider learning. It makes things easier if you are having trouble coming up with new material for the student, or if they are struggling with what you give them.
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I'd use gumtree or something similar to post an ad offering private lessons. Maybe research the competition in your local area to see what the going rate is, then maybe offer a little less (considering you have no experience).

See if you enjoy it, then if so look into how you yourself can get better as a teacher (and justify upping your prices).

If not, easy enough to knock it on the head.

I did music professionally via guitar tuition session work etc. Just advertise locally. My only advice is it is not really viable these days to teach a lot due to online lessons and it kills your passion teaching too much. Also don't just paint by numbers eg just go through tabs. Teach kids to be original via jamming improv using the Victor wooten teaching concept.
first thing you have to do is truly access your actual playing ability and music knowledge. you also have to figure out what level you can comfortably teach at. best suggestion is to start with beginners. teaching isn't something that can be easily taught everyone has their own ways. patience is a big thing when teaching and believe me many beginners can test your patience easily. start by teaching them basic things about the actual guitar first. students should be able to string and tune their own guitar.

AndersM1 has a good point about teaching actual playing. way to many "guitar teachers" just teach kids to play a song with 0 context on what they are actually doing and why. as a rule I don't teach songs so much as give the student the ability to play songs. sure parts of songs are good ways to illustrate a chord progression or scale use so I do that.
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brenton393 Teach kids to be original via jamming improv using the Victor wooten teaching concept.

I would say this is not the best course of action. To most kids, the idea of improvising is so foreign that it really means nothing to them, unless they specifically come to you and say they want to learn jazz or be in a jam band. Start with the basics like picking/fingerpicking technique, strumming, simple melodies, simple chords, and simple scales. Then eventually explain how melodies fit behind the chords. For most new players, this is at least a year or two down the line, after learning and practicing the basics.

Not to say you can't show them a pentatonic scale and have them improvise over some blues every once in a while. But that is as far as I would go with improvising for an absolute beginner.
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Before you become a guitar teacher, you must pass this final test. First, challenge peppers to a guitar dual. Defeat him & only then will you be the best shredder.
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Go for it.

You're going to be teaching easy chord songs to most people.

Put posters up everywhere. Make your first lesson free to entice them. Be charming/funny when they come.

Be prepared for the students to not actually like any music.

Some people aren't interested in context or theory or improv. They just want to strum around. Some kids are afraid of improv because it's not like school where you have to sit down, shut up and check a box. The whole idea is very strange to them.

More than half the time you're going to be bulshitting and joking around with the kid because they don't want to be there but their parents are making them take it.

When you do get a good student it's really worth it though.
I have unintentionally taught 2 people how to play the guitar I don't know where I am going with that reading his thread just made me think of it
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Before you become a guitar teacher, you must pass this final test. First, challenge peppers to a guitar dual. Defeat him & only then will you be the best shredder.

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Legato and fluidity in your playing is where it's at