hello new in the fourms ive been playing instruments since i was 4 and ive never gotten a guitar or anything else wet! but anyway i set my bc rich mockingbird which is 1 of my fav guitars on a damp towl havent slept cause of finals lol and was not thinking it did not get soaked but still a little wet i took a blowdryer with the cool setting to it im not sure if that was the right thing todo id like some feedback
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Don't blow dry it next time. You sweat on guitars, they get wet in the rain... It happens. You just wipe it off and let it dry. Blow drying will remove too much moisture. Heck, you can use a damp cloth to clean your guitar and fretboard. It's not a cell phone, you don't have logic to worry about. People even spill beer on their guitars. You should see the guitars that survived the Nashville flood. Your dampness isn't that bad.

Here's a rig rundown from a guy who gets his guitars soaked with sweat night after night. Not just a little bit - Soaked!

[added] The wood is generally protected by finish. The electronics are basic, they can get a little wet, but that's the only place you have to worry about when it comes to them getting corroded. That happens over time with humidity too, so wiping down your guitar, strings, fretboard, pickups, etc when you use it is a good practice. I've had most of my guitars for decades and people swear they are brand new. It's because I keep them wiped down. Believe me, they've all got wet one way or another.
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