When The Hurt Is Over
by Mighty Sam McClain
Type - Chords
Part - Whole Song

Looking for any chords/tabs whatever for this amazing song! Unsure of tuning as well...

Sounds for me like a standard blues shema of D G A Chords.
Mighty Sam seems to use Power Chords playing upper two strings in 5th (D), 10th (G) & 12th (A) where the root is on second string.

You can add some bass progression. For example in D-Chord with third string in 5th (G) and second string in 8th (F).

Have fun
wscottthompson Rhythm guitar is standard tuning in D (root on 10th fret), down to G (4 chord on 3rd fret) and A (5 chord on 5th fret).  Slide guitar is also standard tuning but tuned down to D.