Hello Ultimate Guitar
i didn't know where else to go to ask this, and you guys seems to always be active and give good answers

I have a Washburn WI-67pro (see picture), that i wish to sell, but i cannot find a proper price for it, and anywhere it look, its simply not for sale anymore.
Does anybody know what i can charge for this guitar?

It's fairly old, and need a touch up as i havnt touched it in a long time.
that means new string, fretboard cleaning etc.

It has seymour duncan pickups, although i do not know which model.

Guitar picture (from google)

Any help appreciated
Washburns resale is terrible. I had a few and they are next to impossible to move for a decent price. GC won't even take them in a trade as of a few years ago (probably still won't).

look on reverb (dot com) and completed listings on eBay. for a selling price.

I bought my Washburn used from GC so it may depend on the model mine is a quilt top Parallaxe that is loaded with premium features OFR with brass big block and spring silencers, Duncan's, Stevens Extended Cutaway, Buzz Feiten Tuning System, Grover 18:1 tuners, push pull knobs (series or parallel IIRC) etc.

But I agree that most of the models go for cheap unless you find a DIMEBAG fan who will pay up. I have seen a few HM24's hanging around at my local GC's (I have 2 GC's close to me) and one HM24 at Sam Ash but not for stellar prices.

I paid $399 for my Parallaxe in near mint condition.

It kinda of shame because they have some damn nice guitars but just not the reputation that they used to have, the Parallaxe and Ola Englund Solar series are great axes. So I guess it's bad if you are selling and wanting to get a premium price on the other hand it's great if you are wanting to buy one.
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