Hey guys, I may have $150 to get a diy guitar kit soon. I know more of a budget would be better, but this is what I got. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was considering BYO or GFS tele styles. I figure I could get GFS and then upgrade the tuners, but am wondering if another company would be better.

I would prefer a lpj double cut with a single p90 in the bridge, but those seem to be just out of my price.

I know this isn't going to be the best guitar (yet), but am looking at it as a learning experience. Thoughts?
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It's going to cost you more than $150 to get all the equipment and tools you'll need to build it.
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I think you are on the right track for that budget. Tele is one of the simplest guitars to make with bolt on neck no trem. Guitar fetish is pretty well known for their budget stuff I heard the kits are not as good as their guitars though. I am not familiar with the BYO kits at all.