Hi there,
I've been playing classic guitar and electric guitar for a lot of years..
At some point I stopped playing the electric guitar, and only played the classic guitar..
After 3 years (not playing the electric guitar) I came back to the electric guitar and now whenever I improvise a solo, my right shoulder begins to ache...
I practice/play my guitar while sitting.

I'm right-handed by the way (I strum/pick with my right hand).
It never happened to me before... It's like I forgot how to play an electric guitar...
It doesn't happen to me while I play my classic guitar, because it's much bigger and my hand is kinda resting on the guitar body.
I feel like I'm stressing my shoulder muscle really hard

Anyone ever had this issue?
If anyone has a 'how to hold and pick an electric guitar properly' video or guide I'd love to see it.
I searched the web for a solution but everyone are talking about pain in the left hand shoulder.. :\

Thanks in advance!
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It's hard to tell what your issue might be, so I'd ask some lead in questions:

(1) What is your electric guitar? A Les Paul will be heavier than a Stratocaster than a Steinberger.

(2) What kind of strap are you using? Is it thin? A thin strap won't displace the weight the way a thick leather one will.

(3) How low are you holding it? If it's too low, that could account for it. If it's too high, that can too. If you're sitting, are you holding the electric the same way as you would be if you were playing the classical?

(4) Picking/strumming technique. Are you mostly down strumming? Are you playing aggressively?

Hope these help:


just to be clear, the shoulder pain comes when I play while sitting.
I haven't watched the videos yet, but to answer your questions:

1. My electric guitar is a Silverhead YAFD2158.
2. I'm using a thin strap
3. I usually hold it like my classic, although it's thinner so I hold it closer to my body
4. I play exactly the same as I play with my classic guitar.. when strumming I strum upwards and downwards, and I mostly use alternate picking.
Each of these videos speak to standing and sitting, so I hope they help. As far as the guitar, that brand does not ring a bell. The only thing I found online for silverhead were guitars that were painted silver and acoustics with that brand name, but not the model.
This has to be because you are straining that shoulder, which probably means that you aren't giving your picking arm enough support on the guitar body, and/or you have you elbow sticking out, and/or your're keeping your picking hand in the air too much (not taking rests, or even resting, on the strings/bridge). Any tension is wrong. Look in a mirror ,,, is that shoulder hunched? You concentrating too much? Stressing about "getting it right"? Check your breathing. Holding your breath? Jaw tense? These are all big clues your'e not relaxing. Guitar playing, and your body, works best, when really relaxed, physically and mentally.
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