Hello guys,

As per title, wondering which has better clean, been reading through for pros and cons but still undecided.

Micro dark has higher gain/fx loop however theres doubt of fx loop quality unusable due to popping sound issue etc. As for micro terror cheaper.

Thanks in advance.
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those are the wrong places to start if you want a good clean tone
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RottyDog Depends on what you mean by "better clean". Some guitarists won't like the way a clean Orange sounds. This comparison might be helpful.
RottyDog did you read the "Terror" and "dark" in it name?? Nobody buy "Dark Terror" named amps to expect good clean sound... My suggestion forget that amp's clean sound and buy Roland JC amp or fender amp and use amp switcher to use them as your clean channel...
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You want cleansed still want to be able to bring the noise, you might consider the 50w Carvin V3M. The heads are $699 new, but I've seen them as low as $399 used. FWIW, its 100w big bro- the V3- is in the same price range, used, and is $899 new.

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dannyalcatraz i just know this wierd looking amps sound good... Seen once in my local music shop i dont wanna touch that coz it look ugly like china's vintage radio... Gonna try that soon...
Tiny Terror or Dark Terror would both give you decent cleans, although a bit hairier than say Fender cleans, they're definitely serviceable. I wouldn't go with either "Micro" amps, save for the real tube amp instead, they're not that much more $ but the sounds are excel in comparison. The Micro Dark and Micro Terror are the budget low end solid state options + token tube, while not downright bad, nowhere near the real thing.
I actually get some decent cleans tones out of the micro dark. Obviously not gigging volumes. But pretty decent for what the amp is.
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