Story telling time!!

Some times ago, I bought a half stalk consisting in a good ‘ol Randall RG 100 ES (that Dimebag used to use!) with a 412 (with Jag RES-80 speakers) in a snakeskin flavor. I always used it on the FX loop with my Tonelab and it was sounding correct. Fast forward a couple of trades / sells, I ended up with a Peavey 50/50 valve power playing on the same 412. Thing was sounding good, loud as fuck so I setted up to trade the thing for a 212. Found a dude with a GK 212HS with G12M-70 in it. Went out for the trade and tested the dude pluged my 412 in his Peavey Musician 400 head (which is Solid State, correct me if I’m wrong). Upon comparison, my 412 sounded f*cking good, heavy and deep, his 212 sounded somewhat thin. Thought to myself, worst case, I’ll swap the speakers, the 212 is plenty for my need and it is more portable. So, made the trade even though I was someone not that sure. Back at my place, I plug that 212 in my setup, crank it up. To my surprise, the thing sounded f*cking good! Better than what I recalled with my 412 and better I recalled the dude with is Peavey SolidState.

So, my question, is there cabs / speakers that are better with Solid State and some that are better with valve? Is it only that the 412 randall was more “forgiving” for his setup and the 212 was more picky?
cabs really don't care about tube/soild state at all. as long as the ohms match up correctly thden it's all good. speakers don't care either however some speakers will work better with certain amps depending on the sound you want. amps as a rule have an eq curve that the preamp section is designed around which may not jive as well with certain speakers. of course speaker quality also makes a difference.
Are cabs optimised for SolidState / Valve?

Speakers are agnostic when it comes to what's providing the amplification. They simply reproduce whatever they're given.
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Would you say that the Randall was more "forgiving"?

no not really. his amp and yours are totally different so apples n oranges. a 2x12 won't have the same bass response as a 4x12 plus his amp has an active eq and a ton of watts to push the low end.