So... i am planning to buy a new guitar. Mainly, I play rock/metal, but i love clean jazzy sounds too. And I don't have money to buy two guitars ?
One option is Schecter PT tele. It seems really versatile. It has two humbuckers and coil-split.
Second option is LTD ESP EC-401 with EMG 81(bridge)/60(neck) active pickups. Seems totally suitable for metal/rock, but much less rewarding cleans. Never have played guitar with active pickups, so I couldn't say witch one is better for me.

Any suggestions?
They are two totally different guitars... What do you prefer?

Alder or mahogany? bolt on or set neck? 25.5 or 24.75 scale? 22 frets or 24? passive or active? string through or tune o matic bridge?

My advice, go and try them both out if they are both aesthetically pleasing to you...
The ltd will do everything you mention and , thou personal, has great cleans as well. To my ears they sound richer as opposed to chimey, thin, or twangy.
I bought one a couple months ago and it has been great. In fact, I returned a hell raiser to get the 401. I just couldn't get used to the neck on the shecter but that is personal as well.

I don't have any experience with this model of shecter for comparison.