I just got this guitar for basically free and this thing is nasty and in awful shape, but (especially after it was cleaned up by me) it is a sweet looking guitar that I think can be made playable at best, and a good looking one to display at worst. The problem there is no ID marks anywhere on it and I have taken apart most of the guitar (pickups, controls, neck) to clean it. No ID marks. It seems like a MIJ guitar, but not sure!

Thanks a lot!

That appears to be a Teisco hollow body bass guitar. It looks similar to the guitar model here:

Teiscos were cheap imports back in the 1960s and 70s. Chances were, if you purchased an electric guitar or bass from Sears, it was a Teisco.
It is most likely MIJ, that's a pre-lawsuit headstock. If it's not a Teisco (which it probably is), it could be an old Ibanez or one of the brands that Montgomery Ward imported.
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Lovely looking thing whatever it is! Reminds me of the Yamaha that Josh Homme used on the first Queens of the Stone Age album.
I was about to say bass with a trem?!?! but that is not a bass in the second picture. :/
Definitely looks like it came out of the Teisco factory (could have gone under 100 different names) but the control cavity is a bit of a giveaway (I don't think the lawsuit era Ibanez had ones that looked like that, although I could be wrong).
Congratulations, looks like a cool bass. If you ever want to sell it, they've seen a bit of a resurgence lately with the hipsters, but I think that peaked a year or two ago.