I don't really know if this is the right place to write this but because it is musically related I guess this will do. (This will probably be very typical for all of you UG people to read but anyhow just hear me out please) So this past Sunday i was noodling around on a bass guitar (I primarily play good ol' electric guitar) and then I tried to do a quick hammer-on with my third finger from the 3rd to 5th fret of the bass. It is a pretty large stretch for those fingers on a bass ofc. So a second after i started it my third finger suddenly felt really weak and couldn't hammer down strong enough. So since then it's feeling kind of the same but there is no pain just weakness. I've had problems and injuries with my Pinky and Index fingers on my left hand too and going through those were utter hell, and this is the newest edition unfortunately. my middle finger is now the only finger i have that hasn't been hurt or messed up in any way now. So like the title, rest for a week or so or keep playing with it? I have been playing violin in an orchestra every day though (since Monday) and when i'm not playing i keep buddy tape to wrap my third and fourth fingers. So what should I do?
Well, as a registered medical internet user, I think you're all good. In fact, play harder.

It seems like the only two options you have are rest and keep going. Can i suggest a third option of some kind of hand physiotherapist?