I have about 1k to spend on gear. I mostly play Megadeth (love thier new live tone) and Metallica (black and pre). I have a fender concert anp from the 70's and though its not built for metal I can get a sound I really love with my metal muff. My guitar is a Schecter Hellraise C-1 diamond, and thats all of my gear
i'd get an amp that is more suited to what you are playing. I ran a RAT thru an early 60s Concert for a while in the 80s but I wouldn't do that now. pretty sure that you'll be happier with a high gain amp and not be so into the EH Metal Muff (not that it's a bad pedal but it can't touch real tube amp gain.
I agree on high gain tube amp. Nothing beats that, although some thrash players play on solid state or even *gasp* digital. Matallica sometimes uses Line 6 Spider amps, the most hated amps on the planet, and they make it work. Tubes can be a bit expensive for some people, especially because they have to be replaced every once and a while, though. Personally, judt go to a music store and buy what you like the sound of the best, nobody is exactly like you. I'm an overdrive as dirty boost into amp kindof gal, but some people aren't.
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I was thinking a marshall dlc 40 or a peavey 5150. Is there anything that completely blows these two out of the water in tone? Im really in love with megadeths new tone and Kill em All, so id like something that can do both. And for pedal i would like to buy a mini wah, but is the a multi effects pedal thats really good that i should but to go with the new amp? And yeah ive tried the new spider and it was suprisingly not bad at all, but id like something loud enough for small venues.
Here are some ideas. I'd go after that DSL half stack for $750!

Carvin x100B

Avatar 112 w G12H30

Krank 1980

Peavey 4x12

Marshall DSL half stack

Marshall JCM900 half stack

Engl Fireball

(not sure why links are not working but you get the idea)

A JSX would work well too. I got my Mesa Rectoverb head from Guitar Center for $490 so check GC and such too. If you have to buy new - then that is a different story. See if that DSL is still available.
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Never played one, but unless I'm misinformed, the DSL isn't really considered a High Gain amp. At least not up with with the TRUE high gain amps.

I play A LOT of Thrash. Someone above recommended the Peavey XXX, later rebranded the 3120 (not to be confused with the XXX II). Definitely a great Thrash amp. I still have one of mine and bring it out once in a while. I've switched to the 5150 II / 6105+. It's just a taste in tone preference. I actually went back and forth between the two amps for HOURS at a time for about a week trying to decide which one I wanted to use as my main amp; that's how much I like both.

Matched with some good speakers I get an excellent thrash tone. I use a Peavey XXX 412, an Orange PPC212 closed back with V30s, and a Randall RD212 closed back with one v30 and one G12H-75. My favorite overall tone is from those 100 watt Sheffield Speakers though. It's just a bright, ballsy lows sound, but not as bright as a v30.

I've heard that the JCM900 is an excellent Trash amp as well. I know there is a dual reverb version and an SLX version. I know more people prefer the SLX, but I'm not sure which is better for Thrash. I'm sure there are a ton of Marshall people that will speak up on this.

There is also the Randall Thrasher. That's probably the most expensive one, but I've seen these used for around a grand. The Randall Diavlo RD100h; I also have one of these. Awesome amp, nice tight gain. They also make the Thrasher in a 50 watt and Diavlo in 45 watt.

Laney Ironheart 60 or 120 watt.

All I can think of off the top of my head for under $1000
Those sounds are pretty much DSL area.

Some other amps to try - Laney IRT series, Mesa Express, Mesa Mini Rectifier, Carvin V3, EVH 5150 III, Orange Dark Terror. There are sone Bogner, Rivera and Fryette/VHT amps that occasionally show up used in that price range and are worth testing.

If you like your current amp, might be worth trying some pedals. Sansamp GT-2 usually does really good as Marshall in a box, the Pysdyawot dist. pedal also works good as front to tube amp.
Try some G12K-85's if you get some off ebay. Love em with the Peavey and my Mark V...
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Try some G12K-85's if you get some off ebay. Love em with the Peavey and my Mark V...

Thanks, I may give them a try if I get a chance!
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Never played one, but unless I'm misinformed, the DSL isn't really considered a High Gain amp. At least not up with with the TRUE high gain amps.

You are misinformed

Ive only ever played on combos and really know nothing about cabinets. Can you guys either suggest cabinets that would go good with that amp or suggeust combos? Im sorry, i just really dont want to spend this much and then not be happy with the sound because of the cabinet
Any well made cab with Vintage 30 speakers in it will do the trick. There are other speakers that are great too, but the Vintage 30 is the go-to choice for most high gain applications. I'm a pretty big advocate of Avatar cabs, personally.
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The dsl has a ton, and I mean a TON of gain. You may want to use a tubescreamer to tighten the bass up at higher gain settings, but it depends on your pickups. Emg will need no boost but some lower output pickups tend to be looser in the bass.

I tried my Dsl40c combo with a 4x12 can with v30. It kills dragons.
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Well there you go. I can admit when I'm wrong. I have been told that the JCM800 has more gain than the DSL, and in my opinion the 800 really needs a good OD to do Thrash well. So you see where I got that.

Dunno where you got that information from, either he was lying or his amp was broken. Marshall DSL is a known metal amplifier. The green channel has about similar amount of gain as JCM800 and the red channel has gain beyond any sensible use. Nile use one as their live rig and if you know the band you know they use boatloads of gain.

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