I've recently gotten into Hungarian minor scales but I'm confused about what chords go with them and how to know which chords to play. I know the Hungarian minor scale but not the theory behind it. If someone could shed some light on it, using the E Hungarian minor as an example.
Assuming you mean (1,2,b3, #'4,5,b6,7), basic triads in E Hungarian minor are:

It's essentially built from from 2 minor triads, a semitone apart (so, D#- and E-), But also get D# (maj triad)

(at F# there is 1st inv of D#)
D#aug and D#m. and D# <-------- this is pretty cool.
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You can figure out the chords you can build out of the scale by harmonizing it. How to do this? Start from the first note of the scale and pick every second note (so the first chord will be E F# G A# B C D# - E G B = Em). Then start from the second note and do the same thing and do this with all of the notes in the scale.

You can do this with any scale if you want to figure out all of the possible chords.

So what you get is:

E G B - Em
F# A# C (E) - F#7b5
G B D# - Gaug
A# C E (G) - basically a C7
B D# F# - B
C E G - C
D# F# A# - D#m

As said above, in theory you can also build a D# major and a D#aug chord from the notes of the scale (if we treat enharmonic equivalents - for example D# and Eb - as the same note). D# major would be D# Fx (double sharp) A#, but Fx is enharmonically the same note as G natural. D#aug would be D# Fx Ax, but Fx is the same as G and Ax is the same as B.
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This scale sounds best over an E drone.

See what you do is you tune your guitar to DADGAD and keep all the strings open except for the G which you use to play the melody and you always strum the three low strings open and can add the open high strings if desired. You can also tune DADAAD and double the melody on the two A strings.
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