I tend to see this brand name around a lot, especially while shopping for used axes. I was at a pawn shop earlier and I saw a Hollowbody that looked damn nice minus the cheap looking Glen Burton Logo on the headstock. They have it priced at $130 and I must admit, the neck did feel pretty nice. My only real question is if anyone has messed around with them enough? It does feel nice but at the same time the hardware seems really cheap and I'm not sure how much it would last. It's not a brand name I'm very familiar with in terms of quality.
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This is really going to be hit and miss. Are you looking for a big jazz sound? Anyway, if you plug it in, it sounds good to you, and you like the feel, good for you finding a guitar for so cheap, right? I'd offer them $90 or $100 and see how low then will go. Let me say this straight up, if you start to get hardware problem, then you can always change things inexpensively from places like http://www.stewmac.com/ and keep playing.

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Do what GoldJim suggested. At worst you lose out on 100. At best you have a nice looking decent hollowbody