I've been playing for 5 months as of 3 days ago, I saw a thread earlier labeled '21 Day Challenge' and posted this in there, but here is further detail

I have 5 months of experience, going to try to learn this entire song in 21 days from scratch, starting today maybe
I plan on recording the 2nd day, around the 8th then the 21st in video. Possibly may upload to YouTube if its any good



alistairdunne1994 I've been playing for 5 months. It has a piece that's over 230+bpm, someone on this very forum told me it would be impossible to do anything practically that has a bpm over 250 in years. Tbh, I can learn this song in a day, but its obviously not going to be perfect nor will it for you in 21 days to have their tone. If not, then you upload