Hey guys how's it going. Recently I tried the DT880P at a local music store and I fell in love with them, they are amazing. My problem is that I have a Blackstar HT Metal 60 Combo amp that I use but because of some difficulties with my neighbors I'll need some good headphones to play through. The reason why i was looking at the DT880Ps is that they are semi open, and I just figured that semi-open would be better for me because I have really sensitive ears, and I get ear fatigue really easily.

What kind of earphones would you guys recommend to a guy with sensitive ears? Also im curious about the headphone independence? Will 250 ohms work with my 60 watt combo amp or should I choose a different independence? And will I need a headphone amp to use them with other devices like my desktop or phone? Thanks guys! Have a good one!
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Beyerdynamic makes good headphones and DT880 is damn good one (used to own non-pro version years ago) if you want neutral frequency response (though it does have a spike in the treble that can add sibilance to S letters).

I dont see why it would not work for guitar use through the speaker emulated output. But that headphone is more meant for hifi music listening. I think it may be a waste of money for simple guitar practicing, especially through speaker emulation which tend to sound quite crappy anyway. Something like AKG K-240 Studio is much cheaper, very comfortable on your head (though the leather pads can be bit sweaty if its hot in your home) and sound good for the money.

But if you intent to listen music through the headphones too then by all means, do buy DT880 or DT990 (practically the same, just more bass and treble on the latter).

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MaaZeus Thanks for the info man. Yeah basically I'm just trying to see which semi open headphones can I plug into my emulated output on my Blackstar, that will give me great tone quality.