Hey Guys,
Somebody near me is selling a Bass from Commodore and He says it's about 50-60 Years old.
I asked him for more Information, but he hasn't replied, yet.

Do any of you guys have more Information about this brand/bass. I couldn't find much on Google (only the 335 Basses) and no threads on this forum.

Here are some Pics:

Edit: He wants 40 Euros for this bass.
Do you have 40 Euro to throw away on it? if you do, give'r, if not don't. Way of the road, Bubs.
looks similar to the Teisco/Kent guitars that went under a bunch of different brand names but all came out of the same factory.
spacepizza125 You are correct; the same factory made the 60 -70s Epiphone copies that came out of Japan. http://guitarz.blogspot.com/2010/11/1970s-japanese-commodore-bass.html

Those Commodore/Teisco basses were some of the first instruments of us kids who grew up in the 70s.