Hail, O Ye Guitar Gods!
I am trying to play, "She's Country", by Jason Aldean. There is a banjo-ish intro. It is my understanding that you can make your electric guitar sound
like a banjo. I've tried adjusting the knobs on my Fender Mustang 1. No luck. I tried a paper towel stuffled under the strings, next to the neck humbucker on my Ibanez S470dxqm. Too tight...no "plinky-plink". I finally inserted a drinking straw w the paper still on it between the neck humbucker and the beginning of the neck. Ahh! Better, but still not plinky-plink enough.
Any suggestions?
Try picking really close to the bridge. That's something you can do to make a guitar sound more like a sitar but maybe it could work for banjo as well? It should make it sound a bit more "plinky-plink"!
There's really only so much you can do. End of the day you can't realistically do it. Closest thing i can imagine is using an axefx to somehow get a similar sound. I've seen it done with a sitar and it sounded quite good, but ultimately the best way to sound like a banjo is to buy a banjo. A $100 banjo is going to sound more like a banjo than a $10,000 guitar.
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Try weaving a strip of card between your strings next to the bridge and use metal finger picks. Also, try tuning string 1 down a tone to a D.
put a bobby pin on the strings near the bridge
"ba doo doo ba doo doo ba doo daa"
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