The Zoo Drive represents everything needed for an effect pedal to be classified as a true boutique product of the purest breed. The quality and functionality that it offers are quite amazing and if you give it a chance to speak for itself, you will see that it has many wonderful things to tell you.

Entirely analog overdrive effect pedal.
Warm, rich, and natural tone.
Excellent timbre retention.
Perfect inter-modulation handling.
Soft and hard clipping selector.
Drive level selector.
Vacuum tube simulation.
Advanced tone customization.
Manually crafted and assembled.

This great guitar effect pedal comes in Condition: Brand New

Other info:
Make: ESD
Model: The Zoo Drive
Finish: Black / Inox
Categories: Distortion, Overdrive and Boost
Year: 2016
Price: $197.00
Shipping: free worldwide
Location: Bulgaria

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