I've mainly been an acoustic guy and just recently have really played more on electrics. I like recording so I tend to just use BIAS FX for my amp sim and that's about the extent of that. When my PC is off and I wanna jam I just have a line 6 spider iv 15 which really isn't that great of an amp. Most of the time, I like to play guitar while I'm tracking on my DAW but sometimes I just want to jam in my room.

My guitars are set up fairly well, but I've never owned a good amp, just played on some friend's when I would have small gigs. I'm just looking for something versatile, or fairly versatile at least. Something that can play a nice clean for jazz to heavy OD for metal. As far as budget goes..3-400 maybe? I really just want this for my room as the line6 makes me a bit unhappy, it's really not that great. Thanks all in advance
Check out the Laney IRT-Studio. 3 channels with great cleans and soaring metal.

It has some very cool headphone and silent options. The amp is also an interface with EL84 tubes.

About $400 used in USA and then you'll need a cab.
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I believe that this should go in Geir & Accessories, but I understand, I've made mistakes like that before.

Anyways, I personally am a tube person, but if it's your first good amp, you could get a solid state one. If you want a good tube amp to get you into them, I would recoment the Orange Micro Terror. It's a small 20w RMS (20w at clean) amp that sounds absolutely amazing. It only uses one preamp tube, and a solid state power section, but it can match up to some really good tube amps. It is only $150 or £99, but it's just a head so you could use the rest of the money to buy a good cab.

If you want solid state, I'm sorry, I went straight to tubes so I don't have any suggestions. I've heard good things about the Roland Cube, but I've never used one myself.

It's always good to try an amp out in stores first. Best of luck. Hope you find one you like!
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